Police and Citizens
— Together Against Crime

Our citizens have had enough when it comes to crime. Our police officers are on the front lines doing an outstanding job. Citizens and police, together, can make an even greater impact. Police and Citizens Together Against Crime (PAC-TAC), needs your help to make the difference.

Our Mayor has put a high priority on crime prevention to improve the safety of our neighborhoods and to move toward his goal of Rochester becoming the best mid-sized city in the country. Increasing safety in neighborhoods is not just a law enforcement role, but also involves concerned citizens who feel empowered to work effectively with the police in crime prevention.

PAC-TAC is part of the Neighborhood Empowerment Team (NET) organization, a collaboration between the Rochester Police Department, City Code Enforcement Staff and Neighborhood residents. NET is based on the notion that the best way of responding to neighborhood issues is by teaming residents with City staff to devise and achieve effective solutions to neighborhood problems, supported by the full resources of City Government.

PAC-TAC is a neighborhood watch program in which resident volunteers are trained and equiped by the Rochester Police Department to conduct foot and bike patrols of their neighborhoods. As a PAC TAC Volunteer, you will work with an on-duty patrol officer or crime prevention officer as you walk with a PAC-TAC partner in your neighborhoods’ and interact with other citizens and local merchants to help prevent crime. PAC-TAC teams of 2 or more take to the streets for a 2 hour tour, equiped with police radios, flashlights and close supervision of a police officer.

The PAC-TAC mission is to make a visible presence in the neighborhood and report observed problems directly to the police dispatcher or a City Code Enforcement Staffer. Here is your chance to make a real difference in your neighborhood.

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The Neighborhood Service Center is located at 1099 Jay Street (Water Tower Park) and is open from 8am to 5pm, Mon – Fri. A Crime Prevention Officer (CPO) is assigned to the NSC Office each evening, but is frequently out on patrol.

To find out more, contact the NSC Office at 428-7610.

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