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As our name implies, the Maplewood Gardening Team is working to “greenup” the neighborhood.  Our gardens are located at corner of Flower City/Dewey Avenue, Electric/Dewey Avenue, Plaza area at Dewey/Driving Park.  For more information, or to join us, contact Barb Ann via email.

Though weather this time of year is preventing us from getting out and planting, there are several ways we can continue to be “green.” According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American generates about 4.5 pounds of trash per day. We can decrease that number by following these simple guidelines provided by the Monroe County Curbside Program.

Take a look and see if you can bulk up your green efforts:


Place paper in the bottom of your recycling bin. Almost any kind of clean paper products can be recycled: cereal boxes, empty toilet paper rolls, catalogues, magazines, junk mail – even envelopes with small plastic windows. No pizza boxes (food stains). To determine if a paper is recyclable, just feel for a waxy or plastic feel: if the paper won’t dissolve in water, it is not recyclable. Flatten cardboard boxes into two feet by four feet sections. Gable top (milk and juice) cartons and drink boxes can be recycled. Remember to remove and throw away the plastic straws.


Rinse soda, juice, and soup cans (the lids are also accepted). Wash off aluminum pie tins and aluminum foil; bottle caps, wire coat hangers, and empty aerosol cans (except those that contained pesticides or spray paint, be sure to remove and throw away caps).


Plastic bottles, jugs and jars with a 1 and 2 on the bottom. Don’t forget to remove and throw away caps, spray pumps and lids – they are made out Being Green with the Maplewood Gardening Team of a different type of plastic and can mess up a whole batch. Motor oil containers are not accepted.


Rinsed clear, green, and brown bottles and jars are good to go once they have been rinsed and the caps have been recycled or thrown away. Other colored glass, drinking glasses, window glass, etc., are not accepted at this time.

If you are uncertain whether an item can be recycled, visit
Want to get further involved in green activities? Drop us an email.

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