Home Tour

Join the Maplewood Home Tour Committee!

The Maplewood Home Tour provides lots of ways to get involved. While the Home Tour itself isn’t until September, work on the Home Tour is a year round activity. There are a variety of volunteer jobs during the year and the day of the event. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about the Home Tour, contact the Home Tour committee!

The committee meets every month starting in January and then increases their meetings as the Home Tour Day gets closer. The committee selects the homes for the annual tour, reviews the write-ups, talks about publicity, etc….

Join our Home Tour Hucksters committee and do what interests you the most:

  • Find home tour house candidates. Which is a great way to meet people in the neighborhood and see a lot of great houses.
  • Our home Tour booklet design and layout
  • Marketing the Home Tour through creating/coordinating the event via all forms of media; designing posters/flyers; develop strategy to “get the word out”
  • Selling advertising space in the Home Tour booklet
  • Put your prose to work and write up the description of the homes on the tour which is featured in the Home Tour Booklet
  • Assist the Home Tour Committee the Day of the Event. The Home Tour requires a lot of volunteers the day of the event to serve in many capacities. All volunteers on the day of the Home Tour are invited to attend a private party and tour/showing of the houses the night before the public tour.
  • House Captain or a docent in one of the houses on the tour. You are trained in the history of the house, what the owner has done to the house and interesting little tidbits to share with the visitors attending the home tour.
  • Staff the Home Tour Headquarters. Greet visitors and sell Home Tour Booklets/Tickets. Share information about Maplewood. Direct them to tours of the Headquarters, if available.

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