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Spring Photos of Maplewood

Well, Spring has sprung, and it’s well past time to remove the images from this past winter from the Maplewood Neighborhood Association’s web page!  If you’re anything like us and have been out and about with your digital camera, we’d love it if you’d share your best springtime photos of Maplewood!  If you’re at all interested, send us a note at communications@maplewood.org with photos attached.  If they’re large images (6MB+ email size), please use a file sharing service (e.g. KickSend or SendSpace).   Read More →

The Maplewood Neighborhood Association would like to thank you all for your support in beautifying our neighborhood during this year’s Clean Sweep.  Festivities started at 8:30 at Edgerton Park where, after an introduction from speakers such as Mayor Richards and city councilman Dana Miller, we split up and tackled various projects all over the northwest city.  And the effort has paid off: our pride in our city shows!

There are three more upcoming Clean Sweep sessions, starting May 4th in Cobbs Hill Park.  Click here for more information!

Clean Sweep is Tomorrow, Saturday, April 27th

Tomorrow is the big day- NW Clean Sweep 2013! Meet at Edgerton Rec Center at 8:30 AM if you want the free T-shirt, coffee and donuts; meet at your chosen project site at 9:15 if you want to sleep in a little more. Free lunch at Edgerton afterwards!
Your neighborhood needs you- please pitch in!

Maplewood Clean Sweep Project #6

The final Maplewood Clean Sweep Project is the community garden at Dewey and Flower City Park. The Maplewood Gardening Team is running this team- this garden is their “crown jewel”! They work on it almost every week, but it still needs a good amount of work every spring!

Maplewood Clean Sweep Project #5

NW Clean Sweep Project #5: The corner gardens at the ends of Alameda Street! Neighbors on the street built these to help beautify both Lake and Dewey. Team is led by the “mayor” of Alameda- Mary Lou Frank!

Alameda Street Garden.jpg

Maplewood Clean Sweep Project #4

Maplewood Clean Sweep Project #4 is perfect for seniors, or just someone who wants a mellow walk along the gorge- picking up litter along the Genesee River Trail from the Rose Garden north to the pedestrian bridge.

GRT Trail.jpg

Maplewood Clean Sweep Project #3

Maplewood Clean Sweep Project #3 is the garden near Lilly Street and Ridgeway. As always, this team will be led by the awesome Jim White!

Lilly Street Garden.jpg

The MNA garden at Dewey and Driving Park needs your help this Clean Sweep!

Second CLEAN SWEEP project is the brand new garden area at Dewey and Driving Park, led by the Maplewood Garden Team’s Sarah Burton! The Team managed to get in some bulbs and mums before the snow flew last fall, and now it needs mulch and some more plantings. Look at how well those bulbs sprouted!

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Maplewood Clean Sweep Project #1

Clean Sweep is coming on April 27th, and we need YOU to volunteer! Maplewood has seven projects this year, and we’ll give you details on them in the upcoming days. The first one is cleaning up the Gorge Trail with Mr. Maplewood himself- Bob Stevenson. You’ll be working hard, but also learn a lot about Maplewood and the gorge!

gorge trail picture

Starting on Monday 04/15/13 Lu Engineering will be inspecting the foot bridge that crosses the gorge near the zoo. They will be repelling down at times and checking on the integrity of the bridge and adjacent structures leading up to the bridge. The company will be in the area for about two weeks. They will not be doing any sort of demolition. Just in case you see people hanging off the bridge, hopefully it will be them!