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Mary Stevenson

With great sadness we’ve heard about the passing of Mary Stevenson, the “grand dame” of Maplewood. We’ll miss you Mary! Bob Stevenson, we mourn with you.   Read More →

2015 Rose Festival Arts & Crafts Application

Do you need financial help repairing or replacing your roof, gutters or downspouts? The City has a new program that may be able to help you!  There is a special portion of the grants set aside for senior citizen homeowners, and another portion is set aside for northwest quadrant homes.


The MNA is conducting its annual membership drive. Renewal forms were recently mailed. We ask you return them by Wednesday February 4, 2015 either by mail to 411 Seneca Parkway, Rochester, NY 14613, or at the town hall meeting that evening. We also encourage you to reach out to your friends and neighbors to encourage them to support our endeavors. If you have any further questions, please contact Enrica Fleming, Chair of the Membership Committee at 458-3460 or by email at info@maplewood.org.  A membership form can be downloaded at the following link: Membership Form.

The MNA is also looking for participation on the Board of Directors and various committees. Without your involvement several committees, as well as future initiatives and projects, will be in jeopardy. If you would like more information regarding serving as a director or on a committee please contact Bill Collins, President of MNA, at 458-3460 or president@maplewood.org.

If you or someone you know needs medical care, here’s a schedule for the FREE clinic the U of R holds in Maplewood: Health&WellnessSt.Luke

If you know someone who needs food or can’t afford presents for their children this holiday season, attached is a list of organizations who can help with that.

Volunteer and donation opportunities are also listed!

Holiday Charity Info

Along with the gift-giving and traveling of the holidays comes some extra risks. The Rochester Police department have published some guidelines on how to avoid those risks: Holiday Tips from the RPD

The RPD has distributed a list of serious crimes committed in the northwest for October.   It is grouped by “PSA”, which is a geographic division of the City that RPD uses.  Maplewood is partially in PSA 43 and 44.  Click here for October 2014 Crime Stats

City residents have two new opportunities to let officials know what they like and don’t like:

  • Also, if you or someone you know have been looking for housing, the City would like to know about your experiences and any problems you had.  Click here to participate.  This survey also has additional questions if you’re involved in the real estate industry.

1) Turn your clocks back this Saturday night.

2) Get your leaves to the curb this weekend (if you live south of Ridgeway-next weekend if you’re north of Ridgeway)

3) VOTE this coming Tuesday!  Politicians tend to pay attention to neighborhoods that consistently vote.