The new look of

It’s ready:  this is the new look of our Maplewood Neighborhood Association’s website.  It’s the same name and the same address, but entirely new components.  After months of work, the new site was launched on November 1st.   Accessing the new site will be transparent to users, and we’ll be continuing to increase our ability to reach out to members of our community, along with those of other communities to promote growth in Maplewood.

So, why did we change the site?  It was serviceable to many and folks got used to the layout.  To put it simply, the old site enabled us to further our reach, but control was centralized into too few hands, and with it, we were tied to vendors for support.  Given the complexity of the backend system, updates were required to be done by only one of our volunteers, and this meant that updates were sporadic.  As we began to exercise the site more and more, adding data, events and photos, the information was not as timely as we would have liked.

Toward that end, the new system is built on the widely available WordPress platform, and will enable the Association to more easily connect with our community members.  Committee chairs will have the ability to enter information in a timely manor, include dates, photos, and informational posts.  Each will be reviewed and approved prior to being published on the live site.

We hope that you will continue to visit the site, get familiar with it and rely on it as your “one stop” to what’s happening in our wonderful neighborhood.

Any robust website is a work in progress.  So, we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Naturally, it’s Maplewood.