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City Grants for No-Heat and Lead Hazard Control
Maplewood Neighborhood Assoc. is planning a Nature walk for Summer 2021

Maplewood Neighborhood Assoc. (MNA) is planning a Nature Walk for our Maplewood Neighborhood. We are looking for participants, organizers, and sponsors. see attached file for information. If you are interested in participating, contact the MNA by Sept. 30 at: info@maplewood.org or call: 458-3460

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Town Hall meetings at Aquinas are temporary cancelled. Virtual meetings are being looked into. Stay tune. Thanks!

The Flower City Work Camp is looking for city home owners who need assistance with minor repairs to their home. To apply, simply complete the application at https://www.flowercityworkcamp.org/contact-us/home-referral/.

Join your neighbors in meeting the candidates who are running for the following offices: County Executive, County Court Judge, District Attorney, County Leg. 7th Dist., County Leg. 26th, NW City Council, and RCSD Commissioner.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 8, 2019
6:30 – 7:00: PM Meet & Greet
7:00: Q & A with the candidates
WHERE: Roger Robach Community Center, 180 Beach Ave., Rochester
(parking is available across the street behind Abbott’s Frozen Custard

This event is open to the public. Please contact ROCMNBN585@gmail.com or call 585-865-6101 for additional information. Sponsored by La Cumbre, NE Unity, Many Neighbors Building Neighborhoods, Inc. & Charlotte Community Association, Inc.

Come and learn about the issues that are important to our community!

Town Hall Meeting Cancelled
Rose Festival 2019

The official flyer and schedule of events for this year’s Rose Festival are now available. You can also check the Rose Festival Facebook page for updates. Thanks!

At the most recent Town Hall Meeting on May 1, MNA President Wayne Williams introduced a new initiative to identify specific neighborhood challenges. The intention is to develop a path forward and seek out entities within the City who can help us develop solutions.

These are some of the challenges identified by the people in attendance at that meeting:

  • Too many stores
  • Open air drug trade on Dewey Avenue
  • Not enough programs for youth
  • Traffic flow in the two plazas off Dewey Avenue
  • Litter
  • Lack of community participation
  • Lack of block parties
  • People driving crazy
  • Absentee landlords
  • Vacant storefronts

Do any of these challenges affect you personally? Do you want to be involved in creating and implementing solutions? We’ll be revisiting this initiative at upcoming Town Hall Meetings.

And to start, here are two specific volunteer activities that you can get involved with right now:


PAC-TAC (“Police And Citizens Together Against Crime”) is a City of Rochester program that brings together community volunteers and the Rochester Police Department. Maplewood had an active PAC-TAC team for many years, but we need new volunteers to revive the program.

As a PAC-TAC volunteer, you’ll work with an on-duty patrol or Crime Prevention Officer as you walk with a PAC-TAC partner in your neighborhood and interact with other citizens and local merchants along the way to help prevent crime.

All volunteer citizens receive extensive training and are issued distinctive clothing, a flashlight and a portable digital radio which contains the frequencies of patrol officers. If you spot criminal activity or are in need of other assistance, you can immediately summons an officer via the portable radio. In addition to foot patrols, some patrol sections have bicycle PAC-TAC patrols as well. This is your chance to make a real difference in your neighborhood!


For more information, contact RPD’s Lt. Richard Waldo.

Maplewood Gardening Team

For many years, this dedicated group has maintained tree wells and public gardens along Dewey Avenue. Volunteers get together on a flexible schedule throughout the spring and summer months. A kickoff meeting to start the 2019 season will be held Thursday May 23 at 6 pm. For more information, email Barb Ann Kupiec.